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Catherine Cang


Hello! I'm currently a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science. I enjoy coding and teaching how to code, and I'm an Undergraduate Student Instructor in CS 61A as of Fall 2019. This is my second semester TAing for this class (my favorite class at Cal!), and you can find my resources throughout the semester over at CS 61A or email me any questions! I've also been a TA for CS 61B and a tutor on course staff for CS 61BL and EE16A, and I'm a CS61A co-coordinator in the great on-campus organization CS Mentors. I hope to continue teaching CS courses throughout my next 2 years!

In my free time, I like to explore different social media APIs and overuse the same generic bootstrap designs (check out my projects page). Some topics I'm interested in include computer music generation, natural language processing, and analysis of basically any data.

I'll update my website with teaching materials and whatever projects I'm working on throughout this upcoming school year.